Huge Milestone!
Hi Everyone,

As you may know, we reached an incredible milestone over the weekend. For Patreon-only subscribers, that means that we have unlocked the Spinning Wheel Giveaway. This is something I have been so excited about for a long time because it means I get to 'pay it forward' if you will and gift someone an actual real-life spinning wheel. 

As you may know, the wheel itself will be a SpinOlution Pollywog, a great wheel for portability, learning, growing and teaching on. If you receive the wheel, you can choose to keep it or gift it someone else. As well, you can choose to add the Accelerator onto the gift in consultation with me, which raises the height of the wheel and offers more ratios for the spinner to chose from. 

Lastly, if you were in the market for a wheel and had your eye on another wheel that you thought you'd like in the SpinOlution world, I will gift you a credit towards that other wheel that we will discuss together.

Overall, it's pretty exciting things that are happening over here at Wool n' Spinning!

Thank you to everyone who has supported the show - your contributions, comments, participation and enthusiasm has made all of this possible. 

If you are not already a Patreon subscriber, have a look at the reward levels here on Even $1/month enters you for the giveaway!