HUGE Patreon Changes! Please Read!
Hey gang! Firstly, thanks so much for being a NerdSync Patron and supporting the videos and podcasts we make each week. You don't have to be this generous, but it's so overwhelmingly awesome that you are!

I want to talk with you about some changes we may or may not implement on our Patreon page. For starters, you are currently supporting us per month, which is awesome, but I think changing it to per content would be even better for everyone involved. For example, if we charge you for each episode of Comic Misconceptions, this will allow us to not have to worry about rushing to get videos out. We can take more time with them to make them as best as we can. This also allows you to see exactly where your money is going. You can see the video your pledge helped to make!

I want to be clear here. We will not be charging for EVERY video we make. Only Comic Misconceptions, as that is our flagship show. Podcasts will also continue to be free. Most importantly, you can set a cap each month so you NEVER pay more than you are comfortable with. If you can only spare $5 per month, you will NEVER be charged more than that if you set up the cap. We love you guys and we're not in the business of taking more money than you allow. The fact that you support us at all is amazing! I hope you understand this change, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns in the comments below!

We're also trying to think of more reward tiers for you. Things like putting your name in a video or podcast. I'm also thinking about raising the price of the Comic Book Club to $10 per month instead of $5. Simply because (as you may have noticed) it's become increasingly hard for me to find the time to show up to them each month. We've already missed the last two months, and I feel awful about that. The sad reality is that I just can't justify the time and energy put into them unless it makes up for scripts and videos I could otherwise be working on. 

Please let me know what other rewards you would be interested in down in the comments. And please remember that the main reward is the continuation of NerdSync videos and podcasts. That's what you are really paying for. You are directly helping us make more great stuff for you! We're already discussing three new NerdSync channels we hope to bring to you by next year! THREE!!! All because of your generous support. Words can't express how grateful we are. 

Thank you. Thank you so much! Whether you've been supporting us since we launched, or just for a few hours, we love you!


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