HUGE THANK YOU - Shadowhawk Explains Mahjong (Draft 1)
Patreon is really rubbish at telling me things, but it appears that I have unlocked the first goal of the Shadowhawk2012 Patreon at some point a while back :) 

Had I have known that I had hit the target before now I might even have been able to make more of a start of made a teaser video at home but honestly I just want to thank all of you, you are amazing and I hope that the Shadowhawk Explains Mahjong series will be worth the wait. 

As a little thanks/teaser I have put below my draft introduction to the series (first scripted thing on the channel at this point :D) and would welcome any advice or suggestions. I am likely to use Tabletop Simulator as the main source for explaining the game maybe in combination with some photos or short videos of me playing the game (My camera isn't great but it should be able to take okay videos used sparingly will do some tests next weekend)

The plan is for part 1 to be up in a couple of weeks with the script for all 6 episodes completed this week (maybe 5 depending on how things go)  

Thanks again to you all 


Mahjong Night with the patreon backers this Friday is people are around I shall check on the table this week and see if I need to reset things ^^


-01- Introduction and Basics


Hi I am Shadowhawk2012 and as some of you may know I regularly play Riichi rules Mahjong online. I was first introduced to the game in University though it wasn't until I left that I started playing regularly enough to properly learn the game to the level I am now. Riichi Mahjong is a game of logic, deductive reasoning, pschology and like all good games that element of luck which you can try to push. I have published a number of my online matches on Youtube and host a weekly mahjong night where I play against opponents from around the world with varying levels of success and failure and it is thanks to the people who watch those videos that I am going to attempt to explain a game that I love playing with the hope that at the end you'll be able to play yourself in the future. As a word of warning though, I am far from an expert player of the game, at best I would call myself intermediate, while I will discuss strategies in my later videos in the series these are based on my personal findings and philosophys during gameplay. With that being said Welcome to Shadowhawk Explains Mahjong

-----5 to 6 Videos-----

Part 1 "The Basics" (setting up game, how to win, calling tiles, Furiten/147rule)

Part 2 "The Yaku" (named hand guide in order of commonality)

Part 3 "Hand Building" (Basics of tile theory, waiting paterns, shanten)

Part 4 "Defensive Play" (reading discards, suji, urasuji, predicting yaku)

Part 5 "Points Scoring and A.O.B" (minipoint calculations, Yakuman)

Part 6 "Full Game Analysis (Mahjong time analysing a game "need a good 4 player game"