Dear all, I'm really thankful to have the opportunity to complete Merry Gentlemen. I believe all part-time/hobbyist creators struggle to balance other life priorities (e.g. the 'other career that pays the bills', family etc.) and remain motivated to pursue this passion. When I first created this side-story, I never thought I'd take so long to complete it. Ever since then, I've survived retrenchment, relocated to a developing country, battled culture shock & depression and lost my father to cancer (I truly miss him and still can't believe he is no longer with us). It's no secret that as any human being would, I wrestle with grief, insecurities and anxieties but I thank merciful God + your kind support to help me not lose my heart.   

Now that I've completed MG, my plan is to revive the KingdomCome webcomic and take it to completion. (http://kingdomcome.theproject.us/) After re-reading through 11 chapters, I am contemplating the revision of some sections in order to take it to a fresh direction. 

This may take some time to kick off since I've completed my overseas assignment and will be repatriated in 1 month's time. During this transition, I most likely would not be able to post any updates. Please stick around! By God's Grace, I pray for a smooth transition. Wishing you God's blessings wherever you are on this planet and thank you!