To you, our awesome and amazing Patrons,


It really means a lot to us that you stuck with us and your continued support is really keeping us going.

We attended the LondonComicCon recently and we got a lot of
positive feedback so we’ve been working on improving the artwork and story. We’ve also been looking into how we can keep Emu Sher Et going consistently, by looking into publishing, funding, and getting jobs here and there - Because we don’t ever want to stop making the story, we need a way to sustain us while we work on it fulltime.

We are still working on Emu Sher Et and we will hopefully update the story in the next week or two. The above is the Cover for the upcoming episode :D !!

Instead of the usual categorized patron rewards, we’re going
to be posting up a whole bunch of stuff, from early Emu Sher Et concept art to our latest Superhero fanart. We’ll also be sending you guys emails :D

We really hope you enjoy these and again, thank you so much!