Huge Thanks & More Ways To Help On #GivingTuesday
WOW. I am stunned by all the support I've received here in just 24 hours. Knowing that I have extra funds coming in just as my hours are getting cut is a massive relief. I'm so grateful to everyone that's signed up. 

My campaign also helped me score two new, recurring freelance assignments which I'm excited to share with you in the near future. As a result, I'm intensely grateful for not just my donors, but everyone who has shared my campaign. It really helps. Which brings me to the next topic ...

How You Can Help (Without Spending $)

Here are some additional ways to support my writing today:

-- Share my post about this Patreon on Twitter, Facebook, or directly to one of your friends:

-- Share my writing, any article, with your social media or someone new.

-- Subscribe "Gonzo Notes," to my FREE mailing list, or share it with someone who would like my writing.

"Gonzo Notes launches on Thursday, Dec. 1. I'll never sell your email to anyone, and I'm only planning on sending 2-4 messages per month.

If you can help by doing even one of thse things, you'll help me reach new readers. Thanks! 

Love & Solidarity,


(Photo: Flickr / Mike Brown)

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