Hey folks! 

So, some of this is gonna be repeat info if you're a paid Patron, but I figured it'd be good to share this info with everyone. :)

Reward Update:

I got a phenomenal deal on a professional 8 ink photo printer that can handle borderless prints up to 13x19! So expect the quality of prints to increase dramatically as these’ll be archival ink based prints, making them much more vibrant and lovely. 

Art Update:

You may have also noticed if you follow me on social media that I’ve been having a LOT of fun with watercolors lately. Part of my reason for doing the streams and this patreon is to expand my range and learn as many things as I can, but I promise I’ll get back to digital soon for those of you who are primarily a fan of my work in that medium.

I’m thinking of committing to a specific set of images per month to make sure there’s something for everyone in the monthly print selection. So far I’m thinking at least one of each of the following: 

  • Game fanart
  • Show fanart
  • Landscape
  • Pinup
  • Floral
  • Abstract
  • Watercolor

Does this assortment sound good to everyone? I feel like this will let me continue to practice things that I want to improve on as well as making sure everyone will be happy with their patron rewards. Let me know in the survey feedback if you have any opinions on this! :)  


I’ll also be sending out a big survey that you can fill out for a free print from any of the prints I've offered up till now! (almost 50 to choose from~)

Patreon Update:

In a turn of events that should come as a surprise to no one, I have been doing good on the art side of things but not as good at everything else. But the good thing is, I'm really good at setting up systems to automate areas where I'm normally weak. I've set up a spreadsheet that automates these processes and more!

  • Compiles the assortment of prints I need to print that month based on survey responses
  • Keeps track of Patron milestones and notifies me so I can send out rewards
  • Keeps track of what tasks I've finished for each stream and art piece (uploading to redbubble, posting to social media, saving brushes, etc. I was getting pretty overwhelmed by this since I have like 250 hours of footage now 😫)
  • If you're reading all this, add 'OBSERVANT' to the end comments of the monthly survey and then pick another print and tell me what it is in that comment as well. 😉

Also, patreon took away the ability to embed images in posts using html so I don't have any fun progress bars this time, booooo

But here's a progress update on things anyways!

Sending out print rewards for Patrons: I'm waiting for the printer to arrive so I can actually print things out properly, but all the envelopes are addressed and stamped and stuffed with a couple goodies so when it gets here I'll be ready to go!

Compiling assets/resources for Patron rewards:  I'm still working on this, sorry for the delays!

Editing time-lapse videos for Youtube  I think I've figured out a good format for these and I've uploaded a couple to youtube! Go check them out  and let me know what you think! I still have MANY more to make, but I have a workable format now. I made the intro music myself, too!

Editing videos for Patron rewards: A fair number of these are good to go, but my web hosting isn't in favor of file sharing or streaming video, so I'm looking into alternate hosting for these.  

Setting up process-shot & walkthrough rewards : Stilllllll pretty behind on these. 

Uploading art for prints: I've uploaded a bunch of stuff to RedBubble  and Society6 ! Go check it out! I'll be regularly updating these as time goes on. Also, I'll be offering prints from my own shop soon since I'll have the professional printer! (please buy these ones for prints! I'll actually make money off of them rather than the few dollars I'd get from RedBubble or Society6)

Website stuff:  I’m still working on setting up a few info pages for commissions, Patron rewards, and the system for earning points by watching my stream. I'm doing the thing where I'm being a perfectionist and nitpicking everything though. I'll have something up soon!

Coming Soon:

Prints & Originals for Sale    Like I mentioned, I'll be offering prints from my own store soon, but I'll also be selling my watercolor originals! If you need gifts for folks or just want to help contribute to my holiday budget, I'll have a bunch listed shortly!  

Nail Wrap Endeavors!  So I'm not sure how many of you guys will be into this, but something I've been wanting to do for awhile is get a computerized cutting machine. I could use it to make stickers, do neat cutouts on prints and cards, and make prints in circles or other shapes!

But what I have in mind is to make high quality vinyl nail wraps using my art and nail designs. There's also a foiling machine I can get to add metal foiled effects to the wraps, and that would also mean I could do prints with effects like that as well! I'll be setting up plans to crowdsource the supplies to get that started (around $250) probably by next month!

You made it!

Anyways, wow, if you made it through all that I am THOROUGHLY impressed! That's all for now. Thanks so much for being Patrons and being patient with me while I figure out the best way to do everything! It makes me so happy to know you guys care about my art and enjoy getting it every month, so I'm trying to make that process as efficient as possible! 💗 

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