Hugh Hefner's Will: Gail Chord Schuler GETS ALL. Loree McBride MURDERS him.
Loree McBride's agent named Urethra "Foshizzle" McPizzle carried out the murder by sabotaging his vaginal auto-erotic asphyxiation session to murder him for daring to give Gail all his money in his will. Loree found out about this and in a jealous rage arranged for his murder. Though technically it could also be considered a natural death since his testicles exploded during his climax due to a semen clot in his penis, he probably could have been revived if not for all of Urethra's urine in his lungs when emergency workers tried to administer CPR on  him. Gail honors Hugh Hefner for his vastness and kindness by being Playmate of the Century for his Playboy magazine. Jesus has informed both Gail and Brent that Hugh Hefner is in heaven. Loree McBride sabotaged the will with his murder and Gail still remains near poverty, but follows Jesus Christ's orders to only spend money on food and bills and lives like a missionary.

How I resemble my great uncle Howard Hughes: