Hullo Newcastle!
I hammered this out over the last few days: 

This is a TINY copy of what will end up being some two metres tall and three metres long, printed off on paper for the populous of Newcastle (or at least those who go to the September Hunt Gather markets at Pacific Park) to collaboratively colour in and draw more fish upon. I'll post photos of the event and will share some smaller segment versions you can print off here when I can.I scanned the original drawing at 2400 dpi - my mind still boggles as we usually print stuff at 300dpi but the scanner let me do it - so I did.

Does that seahorse look vaguely familiar to you Patrons? It should as I "borrowed" it from the mermaid colouring page I was working on for another project. 

This will be up for the community to colour in three huge panels at the Hunt Gather Markets on September 17th and I shall be there too with my tin of colour pencils. If you are in the area come say hullo!