Human Up
As  people suffer around the world losing their homes in an act of nature,  losing their loved ones to cancer, losing their minds from being raped  once again, losing their hope because they can't feed their kids, losing  their will to live because they feel absolutely alone, losing their  religion because their faith betrayed them, losing their sobriety  because being homeless is too humiliating to accept, losing their  reality because they can't afford the medication to help balance their  brain...

Can you tell me? 

Does is matter what color their skin is? Or what religion they believe in? Or who they voted for? In order for you to help?

Because if YOU can't find compassion in your heart for humanity, YOU are the complicit miasma within our society. 

 Dehumanizing humans is wrong. Can't you see the emotional  UN-intelligence in this? We stunt our own growth with ignorance, we  limit our own possibility, we block productivity, we cause the problems  we are blaming others for.

Being more compassionate changes  things, being trauma informed changes things, seeing humanity in the  actions of other people changes things, not more racism, not more  division, not more 'US verses THEM'. 

This isn't a sporting  event. Why are you keeping score? Instead why don't you take that energy  and try being a true badass... and open your damn hearts. Fight for  something real, like YOUR own ability to make a true, real, lasting  difference in the life of another human being. 

I challenge you to HUMAN-UP.