Being human means making mistakes, best-case scenario is we don't make the same one over and over. That said I couldn’t get out of bed this week without stepping in it. The latest mistake was brand new but the dance was with an old friend.

If you are familiar with the “bad” photo from the “How to go from Bad to Good” post, it featured my failed experiment with mixing vitamin A (Ambien) with vitamin V (vodka). Not one of my most shining moments. Imagine people telling me not to do that anymore, thank you, I haven’t. But I did manage to find a new way to screw the Ambien pouch.

Suffering from migraine headaches of late, I desperately needed to get some sleep. If I didn’t, I know from experience that my life would start to do a toilet bowl swirl. So I refilled my Ambien prescription, and dropped a couple before night night time. My problem was that I dropped the Ambien on an empty stomach.

Witnesses report that I marched to the freezer, got out a brand new half gallon of French vanilla ice cream, and ate the entire thing with a fork. It was also mentioned that I was very rude as well.

The next morning when I got up at my usual time to workout, I felt a little lethargic. I weighed myself, as per usual, and noticed I was about 3 lbs heavier than what I had expected to be. I blew it off as water weight and headed to the gym where I had a hell of a time trying to get through my regular workout. WTF? I thought maybe I was picking up a virus or some damn thing.

I spent the entire day worrying that I was getting sick or that my depression was returning. That evening I was finally made aware of my trip to ice cream dream land. I hadn't any recollection of the event. I literally had to be shown the empty half-gallon carton before I believed the story.

After digesting the information, (consume a half-gallon of ice cream with a fork, while sleep walking, experience serious ass fatigue the next morning with no recall), it could happen I guess. I must say it was a pretty good kick in the crotch for my diet and exercise goals (Recall “Is Fat, Dumb and Happy Possible?”) And here’s another fun little fact, I don’t like eating sweets.

Take Away: No Ambien on an empty stomach unless you are into adventure. Human beings will always make mistakes, just try to learn from and don’t repeat them. Next, cheating on a diet will not kill you but it will blow the hell out of any progress that has been made to date. Ergo, if you have a weak moment while executing your diet/exercise plan, start that plan back up on Monday. There’s a new one every week.

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