Humans need love too
A young engineer aboard the Gougére.
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Aukumi laborer
$1 or more per month 34 patrons
You're officially a patron and will get access to all hidden material -- usually that's a thousand words or so on some game related topic complete with artwork, all released CC-BY but you get 30 days early access! You also get 7-day advance on Fiction and commendable google doc access to alpha material AND you get one very thankful virtual hug and a thank you in VSCA products should you be a patron when they release. Oh and hi res arts!
Aaru engineer
$5 or more per month 23 patrons
You'll get playtest material as soon as it's available in typeset, PDF format with art and if you play, we want to hear your opinions. We'll answer questions, consider advice, and generally interact as completely as we do with each other. And a thank you in every book. Also all the other stuff from the $1 tier.
Shamayan barfly
$10 or more per month 2 patrons
The Shamayan barfly gets a physical copy of the Anomaly Digest as often as it comes it. The 'Digest is 32 pages of material, sometimes previously published in another venue, that could relate to pretty much any game anywhere any time.
Orpheani barkeep
$20 or more per month 1 patron
You'll get the PDF of anything drafted for comment and edits with final artwork when we have it. When we push the button on publication, you'll get the final PDF version. Plus all previous rewards.
Fabricant magician
$100 or more per month 0 patrons
You'll get the book when it's ready for print, a back cover credit, and all previous rewards. You will have made this happen and we'll sing your praises. Not literally -- this is reward, not punishment.
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