"Hume is nothing less than a staple in the Chicago arts scene."
Hi All! A quick update on some stuff we've been up to:

-We had a great exhibition! Quinn Stephens & Soha Kareem's interactive video game installation "Reactivation" had visitors riveted throughout the opening event. Hats off to them!

-We applied for a grant! The city of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs offers yearly grants for artist projects. If selected, we'd get $5,000 dollars—five whole months of rent at Hume! Wish us luck!

-As part of that grant, we reached out to some artists with whom we've collaborated to see if they wanted to write us statements of support. 

Here are some excerpts:

"Hume's atmosphere is one of the most open and supportive of any performance space in Chicago. At each performance, people would wander in from the street who had either heard from friends about the show or just heard the show happening while passing by and were immediately welcomed and included in the culture... I think it's imperative for Hume to keep going, they're a thoughtful and supportive space engaging in the varied culture of Chicago, fostering a strong cross-cultural sense of community." -Christopher Wood, Co-Director of Mocrep

"Hume offers a vital service for emerging artists and musicians by being an accessible, welcoming, and supportive space." -Caroline Walp, Artist 

"I've modeled for figure drawing classes at Hume and can honestly say it is my favorite space that I have ever worked in. Modeling on and off for six years or so, I've seen lots of drawing classes and workshop spaces, but none has felt so open or collaborative as Hume for me as a model." -Nina Berman, Professional Figure Model

"We got a great turnout, including a whole bunch of people I was meeting for the first time... I got to have some great conversations and I walked out feeling great about the whole experience. I'd love to work with Hume again, and I hope they continue to be such a great presence in Humboldt Park for years to come." -Quinn Stephens, Artist

Thanks for helping us make it happen!