Humming Puppy Yoga
I lucked into an open mat at the new Humming Puppy Yoga studio in Chelsea this past weekend. The Aussie import - with sister studios in Melbourne & Sydney - is offering free reserved classes through April 29th. Class slots have already booked up, but you might be able to get in via the waiting list, as I did today.

Expect: gorgeous design; vinyasa flow; free, assigned Manduka mats; controlled class size; gratis tea and coconut water; optional hands-on adjustments; solid teachers; lockers; showers with Aspar bath goodies; towel service; a studio heated to about 80 degrees Fahrenheit; big crystal singing bowls played by instructors during savasana; and most of all: a constant, persistent hum in the room - a combo of 7.83hz and 40hz sound frequencies. 

The hum is what makes this studio completely different from any other joint in town, though the jury is still out on how effective binaural therapies actually are. The frequency in question purportedly triggers gamma brain waves, said to result in lower anxiety and clearer thinking. Whether or not that actually happens, I couldn’t tell you. What I can tell you: if you have a headache, this is not the studio for you. Trust. Otherwise, go forth and get your asana on - with a hearty dose of hum. 

For those of you into crystal therapy, make it a point to check out the studio’s massive quartz chandelier. Designed by Aussie lighting designer Christopher Boots, the lamp is named “Goliath,” and for good reason. Soak in that clear and smoky quartz juju while you sip tea from beautiful ceramic tea cups in the studio’s lounge. If you don’t leave after class feeling three degrees of goop and two shades of mindbodygreen, consider getting your chakras aligned. 


Humming Puppy Yoga

119 West 23rd Street, Suite 200, NYC