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The Hunt For Voter Fraud
Welcome to all my new supporters! I've been pretty quiet here lately, due mostly to a two-week trip to New York City and Toronto, during which I spoke at three schools and appeared at the Toronto Comics Arts Fest. But now I'm back home in Portland, and I plan to return to my new-cartoon-a-week posting schedule.

Starting with this one, which was just published on Fusion! Most of my cartoons are initially self-published (which is possible thanks to my patrons here!), but it's nice being published by another site now and then.

The art for this strip looks good to me - better than my average. I had a lot of trouble drawing the "Voting Rights" character's hair. I initially tried for a short, tidy afro, and it came out terribly.  My editor on this cartoon, the wonderful cartoonist Jen Sorenson, gently encouraged me to try again, and the final result was a big improvement. I'm still not completely satisfied with it, but then, I never am. :-)

As to the issue itself... I find anti-voting laws difficult for me to do cartoons about, because it makes me so furious that it's hard to find a funny way to talk about it.  But I'm determined to do more cartoons about it, because it's simply an essential subject. I was taught in school that voting rights were a solved issue... but it's clear that the GOP is determined to do anything they can to keep Democrats (read: black voters) from voting. It's appalling, and a fundamental betrayal of democracy. 

As always, thanks to all my patrons for your support - it's essential for making it possible for me to produce these cartoons.  Usually I share my cartoons on Patreon a few days before the public gets to see them, but this one is already up on Fusion, so everyone feel free to share this if you want to. :-)