Hunting Elf (Rena Elsword)
[Pixiv] illust_id=69149234

Extremely content set (Base CG 2pcs ; Variants 13pcs).

Exclusive content would contain some (XNALARA) organs.

This set used for last weekend pic. But I spent around 6 process days. When I finished that. Thats' already Wednesday night. It's better to wait till this weekend. 

In this game... Everyone can use Rena. That means many many Rena in that world. So I think Rena is a race more than character. :D

So here it is. Hunting Elf (Rena) Event.

Just like you kill a monster at MMORPG. You cut your prey and get everything you wanted :P

And I always forget the ryona caution page. I added that back this time.

For the Hinata manga. That is problem. The original support quit. It would be resume till my Patreon reach $500 / per month.

I would talk that again tomorrow (The Hiccears post)

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