Hurricane Harvey called, Houston answered

Welcome to Houston, deep in the heart of Texas, home of the Houston Texans, the Astros, and currently more flood water than you can imagine in your wildest nightmare.  It has been a heck of a week but overall the people that have come together to help in a time of need has been so inspiring.  Facebook has been a place of kind words, addresses of places where people are stranded, and posts of people with their own boats ready to hit the water filled streets of Houston to make a rescue or two before dinner time.  

Sitting couped up in an apartment watching rain for 5+ days is one thing, losing your entire home, family members, and neighbors is a whole other ballgame.  The latter happened to many Houstonians.  The outpouring of help from other Texans has been the saving grace of this week, the newscasters saved lives on live TV, they came to work without socks because they lost them in the flood, strangers from Austin drove down with their lifted trucks and boats just because "sixth street is fun and all but I knew I could help here."  That to me is the spirit of Texas, the spirit of the US, and should be the kind of morale we keep up forever.