Hurricanes and the Rambling Wreck
 Game Time: 2:30 ABC

The Golden Age is over at Miami. Georgia tossed Mark Richt off the bridge and Miami was waiting below to fish him out of the water. The result? Coach Richt is 4-0 at his Alma Mater.
Looking at Georgia Tech's schedule they are 3-1 with their only loss coming in double overtime against Tennessee .
But it really doesn't matter about won -loss records . When the national anthem has been sung, coin toss completed, and all the pre-game hype is over it becomes a contest pitting two teams against each other. And sometime the improbable happens. Give Coach "O" a call and ask him his opinion of Trojans. The team...quit thinking that way.

If I remember correctly (hard to do when you are a senile old man suffering from serious brain farts) the Rambling Wreck relies heavily on strong running game that chews a lot of time off the clock. That's a bad thing if you're behind.
Haven't seem Tech play but i have watched Miami and am impressed with what I saw

Hurricanes blow the Rambling Wreck back to whence it came

Hurricanes go to 5-0 and win by 14