The Hurt of Knowing You Can Help
Hey, friends.

I've been quiet on a lot of the difficult news from recent weeks, especially the headlines which directly affect myself and people I care about. That's because I've been pouring my energy into this larger response, which felt important for me to do on this scale, since it defines a lot of how I want to proceed forward as an artist and a person.

It was just harder to write than I expected, and took longer than I would have liked. But it's done now, and I feel... tentatively better? I hope the writing is well received. I'm a little nervous, to be honest. But I have to hope that by speaking from where I am now, I stand to continue learning as I hear what others have to say.

In any case, you can read it here on my main website.

Thank you for your time, everyone. I'd love to hear what you think.