Hutt Inc Gets Its Well Deserved Finale
The Threat Detected Podcast Patreon  just reached a major goal, unlocking the until now unreleased finale to my Hutt Inc Campaign. While I arrange for photo shoots for interior artwork and do the layout, I want to remind old timers about this incredible campaign… and for those of you who are newer to the party… introduce the completely free campaign to you.

Hutt Inc begins with The Miracle Parsec. From bodyguard detail of a beloved holovid star to walking the red carpet, mingling with Hosk’s holovid elite… to getting framed by a notorious con artist… there’s something for everyone in this light hearted adventure that lets your Edge heroes experience the dangerous side of fame.

Everything you need to play The Miracle Parsec can be downloaded at

And thank you for being a patron of the Threat Detected Podcast !

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