A huuuuge update on #allqueerbods
Hey pals!

Thanks so much for your unwavering support and patience. This month has been… WILD. I want to give you an update and fill you in on some things that your patronage is helping to pave the way for.

Today I completed my 100th drawing for #AllQueerBods.

I launched All Queer Bods about a month ago exclusively on Patreon. To be honest, it started as a simple small portrait project. I wanted to draw pals and fly out to see my hunk, and the drawing started from there. Pretty simply, with no huge expectations. About a week after the project’s launch… it became so much more. Requests from strangers started pouring in from all corners of the world along with stories of body positivity, queerness, identity, and vulnerability. The project suddenly became something so much more important to me. 

I recently set up a page and moved the project (ohheyitsalyssa.com)for two reasons:

1. There are a lot (and I mean a lot — 486 submissions currently in queue!) of drawings and Patreon’s platform can be difficult to post to in such high numbers. I wanted the work to be more easily viewed, with better viewing options for multiple different screens and devices.

2. Once the project became more about strangers, inclusivity, and the diversity of the queer community, I wanted to take a really firm stance on this project being funded only on a donation-based level. Our community is plagued with racism, classism, sexism, ableism, etc. etc. etc. as all communities are. In requiring fees and patronage from all to view the project, I’m excluding the mass amount of folks who make this community what it is but don’t have the ability to contribute to the project. 

This all being said, your patronage very much keeps this afloat not only in terms of keeping the work going, but in providing me with the opportunity to make the work as accessible as possible. I’m so humble and grateful for the support you’ve given and continue to give to me in these endeavors.

The project has been picked up as an upcoming exhibition in Chicago, Illinois (Details to follow!). And a print collection is also in the works. I’ll be at some tabling events this spring and summer with that among things. February is a month of super exciting new stuff that I’ll be posting sneak peeks to on here for Patrons only. I’ll also be posting the behind the scenes scoops and extended versions of my Autostraddle comic, “Oh, Hey! It’s Alyssa!”

Thanks for sticking with me. This is all so exciting and I can’t wait to see what is to come. If YOU’VE not sent in a selfie but want to be drawn, please do so at [email protected]!

Onto #101!