Hybrid Method Media On Patreon?
I have created a patreon seeking additional support as a project for the Hybrid Method Media channel that I have created, but more importantly so that I can have a better connection with you my supporters. The success of this project is not just my own, it is based on those who follow it and help give it global reach to the general public.

The Hybrid Method Media channel is created with many goals, but the biggest one being to provide  a platform for the fusion of many different forms of entertainment while at the same time providing thought-provoking and exceptional content that is engaging. I also hope for this project to provide content that might not always fit the grain and helps its viewers expand their viewpoints or learn more about something that they are interested in.

Your support will give me more freedom to dedicate towards making content expanding this project, and more resources to provide better content more regularly so that I can better reach this goal. My ultimate goal would be creating a project that could employ not just myself but many others as well. When you become a patreon you will gain access to additional content monthly (behind the scenes + additional videos) a private email address where you can stay in contact with me and where you can ask questions or suggest content, and other additional bonuses. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Thank you,

Hybrid Method Media