Hype or Nah?
Wildlands is  a Tom Clancy Game coming up, but will it be good? Its a open world FPS multiplayer game. You fight the drug cartel in Bolivia with your friends if you want. Whats not to like?  It looks to me its going to have pretty good graphics and everything...but with open world games such as this you can find yourself empty. Open world games sometimes work on the open world to much and not much on the content. It looks to me like the games empty and will get repetitive. My expierience with these kind of games is that it will be fun the first time you play it and it will start to loose its touch.  I'm hoping that it will have a good story and be a smooth and polished game but you never know with Ubisoft. Tell me what your thoughts are about this game in comments. 

Trailer Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdJub3Kz2wI

Image: http://blackdivisiongames.com/2015/10/22/tom-clancys-ghost-recon-wildlands-what-to-expecttrailer-and-release-date/