Hyper-focusing drives people around me insane.
I've gotten into the habit every once in a while of going through intensive obsession over my Japan trip in August. I have this really awesome (Not so much) habit of hyper-focusing on something to the point where it drives everyone else insane. This is both a good and a bad thing. It allows me to plan and pick apart things that matter, in essence examining from every angle to consider all the choices and aspects that I need t consider in order to make a plan work.

As I stated before, this hyper-focusing tendency of mine tends to drive everyone else up the wall and make them look at me like I'm slightly crazy, but it's how I work best. That's part of the reason I decided to write this blog post concerning something very important to Japan plans coming up. Travel luggage.

I'm not known for packing light by any means. We are talking full-blown packed down car for a weekend trip filled with luggage, snacks, safety kits, the whole shebang. I don't like leaving anything to chance and sometimes I can go overboard. I've bee trying hard to analyze the luggage space needed to go to the Land of the Rising Sun in order to maximize space for things I may want to bring back with me (unnecessary material objects) while there, and I've been trying to figure out what I'd need for clothes. Then I realized that every place I am staying in comes equipped with a washer.  This is good. It means I'll be able to get away with possibly just a carry-on and an "under the seat" bag packed with a few toiletries and 3-5 days worth of clothing (including one cold weather outfit). From the preliminary research I've done, smaller and more compact is the way to go when it comes to Japanese culture and integration anyways, so that's not completely a bad thing.

This could potentially leave an entire checked bag or two for things I'm hoping to bring back. I've taken to talking to an experienced traveler about this, who also happens to be one of my closest school friends. SHe's been an amazing soundboard and doesn't ever seem to tire talking about this and nitpicking the various aspects of the trip with me. SHe's affectionately referred to it as "vicariously re-living" her own trip while helping me plan out mine. I'm happy to have her along on this trip of undreamed potential.

This is definitely going to be a trip for my history books.