Hypermine Patrons UHC Season 1 - Recap

John and I worked great as a team, there were very few bugs with my command blocks and no trolls in stream chat.  :D  If you missed the stream (or part of the stream, or just want to relive the fun) the videos will be going out on my youtube channel Tue, Thurs, Sat at 3pm EDT.  This UHC is less strict than the UHCs that I run so if I died the spectator footage will start right away and match the episode markers.  If I died.  We may have won, or not.  Watch and find out!

Next month I believe the plan is to have another Hypermine Patron UHC towards the end of the month.  I don't know if it's going to be teams of two again or the exact make up (or even if it'll fall on a time when I can play), but if you're interested in taking part (and are an active patron) then please post your interest in the patron-only channel on my discord server so I can compile a list of people interested!