Hypnolab + VR Update


$5+ Patrons can click the link below for access.


Everyone we have great news, we're here to present a new update today! Hypnolab is here on time with some great new updates!

Here's what the new update includes:

* New Microphone menu! Click once Kady is hypnotized, use the microphone to give her commands! Reset (red button) and try a different combination!

* New Dildo animation works with all hypnotism options! The dildo gets wet as she rides it!

* Masturbation animation can now be used with all hypnotism options

* Kady has Nicer clothes with more states of undress like in the Dildo Scene! Cloth simulation is replaced with bone physics temporarily due to a glitch with the cloth sim program, will improve this asap!

* New Free Camera! When using the space bar there is now a less restrictive camera with full control. Left click to rotate, Right click to zoom, Middle Click to Pan, Scroll wheel to move back and forth (different from zoom). Also note the Nude toggle is now the X key for Desktop Users

* Butt physics!

* Massive performance improvements! We solved a lot of problems where even minimum spec VR compatible PC's should be able to run the game now fine on the lower settings (I recommend Ultra-Low over Potato cause it looks better). The game is also significantly smaller at under 300mb compared to it's original 1.5gb size!  

* Enhanced Cube!

* Various Visual and shader improvements like nicer hair shader and such!

* Clothing glitch now fixed, make her nude whenever you like! Other glitches fixed too!

* Various hidden work that isn't quite ready to show yet but it's there! It's coming!

Credit for this update primarily goes to Sacb0y who is doing our 3d artwork and some of the coding and MiNT who has done the core coding work. 


In accordance with our policy of giving out older updates as a demo version 0.3 is now available to the public. Version 0.4 is available to patrons and anyone that has purchased Hypnolab VR. Thank you for your support - you're why we're able to keep making games. 

I hope you enjoy the update! It's full of fun!

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