I.33: Schutzen vs Second Ward, Video #7
This is probably the most useful video in the series – and not only for sword & buckler enthusiasts – because, next to striking mechanics for the durchtrit/tread-through which is pretty similar to duplieren in later German traditions, the video contains a discussion between Karen and myself addressing one particular problem she is encountering with this technique.

Do not worry if you don’t understand German. Everything is also explained in English.

It is my hope that the way we address individual problems may serve as a good example for dealing with comparable problems in your martial arts training.

This video is the seventh in a series of eight, presenting footage from a sword & buckler class held in October 2015 in Boizenburg. The seminar was focusing on one particular play from the early 14th century German fight treatise I.33, namely schutzin (cover) versus custodia secunda (second ward). See the according plates here  , starting at folio 9r .

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