I Ain't Dead Yet!
Hey folks just updating you on what's happening.

I got back from KumoriCon last weekend. Had a great time and had an AMAZING turn out of over 76 people at the Using Anime to Study Japanese panel! I was only expecting about 20 people and was really blown away!

I'll be editing and posting the video of the panel for Patrons this weekend.

I had also planned to write an article this week but broke my website instead! Then made it worse while trying to fix it...

So I'll get the article written and posted for Patreon users and hope the website will be back up soon!

I have also been working on Memrise! The Particles 2 course is 85% done! And I've added romaji to Particles 1. So check those out if you're so inclined! -> JTalk Online Memrise Flashcards 

I'm working on some more things for the website, more series of related articles and focusing the topics a lot more. I also have some exciting news about some other projects but will announce those later.

In the mean time I'm still juggling official manga and anime translations for a few companies while also trying to run this site! And I'm going to Japan in 2 weeks! SO MUCH TO DO!

Thank you so much for your patience. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to make things better and I will try my best.