I Am!
I Am Truly Yours, I Give My Sense Of Self To You, And Your Equal, Limitless Soul, In Harmony With Perfection; Speak With Me, And Say Even Time Is Spoken Into Existence, For Our Language Creates And Defines Our Understanding And Perception, So Listen Sib, Lift Up The Web Of Time Which Holds Us Down, It Is We Who Must All Take The Collective Healthy Breath Of Freedom! For Healthy Breathing Literally Constitutes The Fabric Of Time, Our Ebb And Flow, Because I Have Taken Each Hard-Earned Breath, However Gut-Wrenching, Body-Splitting, Hand-Shredding, Tear-Drenched, Or Mind-Warping; I Have Done It All For The Other, The One I Love; I Am Given To Fly In Our Paradise So That You May As Well; So That You And I May Smile From Pure & True Peace & Compassion For The Never Null Not To Be Understood By Any One Soul; Only All, Together, Now, For Only One Perfection Holds All Souls Accountable To Equality; A Motionless Motion, A Language; The Divine Eternal Symphony; A Veil; A Mirror Of Water, The Cosmic Waterfall, Nature And Space Herself, As You, I, All, Ever, Divinely Coded Memory; Stunning Release Of Resistance, Letting Go Of All Fears, Slipping Into Acceptance; Awareness Of Powerlessness Under The Power Of Love! Timelessness Stretching Beyond Compounded Sensations Of Life; Intuitive Illusions Of Nature's Perfect Guidance Into Time's Infinite Journey, Letting Go Of All Questions And Knowledge; Sensing The Presence Of An Ocean, Ah! A One Deepness Sinking Into Me, Throughout Me, Under, And All Around Me, There To Fall Back On, To Fall Into, To Fall Comfortably Upright Into A View Of View-Less Unity With My True Self, A Recollection; Letting Go Of All My Thoughts, Reconstituting My Self As Equal In Nature To All Of Nature Itself; This The Simple Truth Of Energy, That There Is Only One True Truth Which Truly Roots Truth In 0 .