Being an artist is the "job" I want. I am working at "getting" this "job", although I am actually already doing it. I work everyday, making, creating. I am my worst "boss", always demanding, always dissatisfied, always finding fault.

I don't make as much money as I wish I could. Not yet. Apparently I might be too quiet. Too low-key. My voice is too soft in a world that keeps on shouting every single thing. I have to find my own effective but authentic means to be heard and to be seen. I cannot be what I am not. I cannot act in ways that trick and are not true to what I am. I understand about stretching boundaries and expanding comfort zones but I don't believe in breaking the core of what makes me myself. I believe in evolution but every thing has a soul that must be kept true.

A lid for every pot, a true community of supporters for every artist. It's just a matter of finding and recognising.