Three pieces of news this week, from best to the very worst. 1) I've been nominated for a huge award! My semi-autobiographical storygame, Coming Out Simulator 2014, is a finalist for the Independent Games Festival this year. 2) Creative Commons & I will be hosting a contest for making Playable Posts, like Parable of the Polygons. Not only will this give more weight behind the "playable post" movement, but it'll also produce a lot of CC-licensed educational material for the world's benefit! 3) As a silly weekend project, I made an augmented reality web app that replaces my face with a cartoon. It's practical - like motion capture for 2D. I could easily make more animated vlogs like 2014 In Hindsight with this! But instead, I've wasted this technology on making myself into Pinkie Pie. So it goes. ~ Nicky