i am leaving patreon
unfortunately, it clashes with my computer too much and takes me hours just to upload simple sketches. i do not have another computer or way around it, and it's starting to irritate me so much that i don't think $50 is worth it.

i also do not think i can handle this. everyone is telling me i'm supposed to upload drawings daily and i am not able to do do, since i travel often. i feel like i've let people down and you're not getting very much for your money. my sketches are very rough and sparse, so i feel lousy charging people money to see them. 

nevertheless, thank you very much for supporting me. it was hard to balance tumblr, twitter, patreon, and commissions...with all my school and family issues. i do not want to rip anyone off, so i am cancelling my patreon...

they also locked my account and refuse to pay me, so i won't cancel it until i get that sorted out. that's also annoying me, so i can't say i'm fond of this site anymore.