I Am Magic
I'm writing about my new project "I Am Magic". 

I Am Magic is a collaborative art project aimed at creating a space to heal, improve self image, and to create art in the hopes of changing perceptions of our own outward beauty. I've invited photographers, hair and makeup artists, body and face painters, mandala creators, and models willing to be decorated and photographed. 

Participating photographers and body artists will be able to add to their portfolios and models will receive photos created in a compassionate and positive environment centered around bolstering their spirit and self esteem. 

Space will be limited. The event is not open to the public to ensure that the space is safe for models unaccustomed to being photographed.

There is an event set up on Facebook on my page: https://www.facebook.com/foundartproject/ Feel free to invite people and share the event. The event discussion has some inspiration photos as well.