I am moving away from the gaming scene.
Ok I took a coffee and I drew a bit, I thought about all this and I decided that it is better for me to move away from the gaming scene. 

This is not the first time that I thought of this, I decided multiple times to remain but it appear that it was not a healthy thing to do. Toxic shit in the soil make me move away but I want to turn this into new opportunities for my art. I move on to discover new lands where I can grow beautiful things in a healthier soil. If this is only in a secret land with a tiny house, it is ok. 

I will shot down my gaming blog and remove my gaming zines from my gaming store. I will transfer the PDF files of the collective projects I published to someone else. 

I will reorient my Patreon to craft non gaming zines and artwork. I will continue to work on my current projects as I find them beautiful but I will re-imagine them as non gaming works of art. If people decide to leave my Patreon, this is ok, I understand. 

I will finish Chromatic Soup 03 as a farewell project but someone else will host the final files. 

I will finish my remaining commissions, these will be my last gaming related commissions. 

Now I want to focus full time on producing zines for Exposzine.