I am Not

This is a sample of my work. It has been published in a university literary magazine, and is actually only a draft. I am working on an updated version of the poem. 

I am Not

Note: This is the version of the poem as it was published in Warren 2015, Bloomsburg University’s literary magazine.

That is not this

this I cannot be

that which I am

is no villain

no matter what they see

She is not as I

What I would like to be

to compare skill

though I am not she

she is not me

what shall I be

who should I be

who can I be

what is the life

that feels right for me

to be defined

my lineage I am not

to be as them

and not as I

leave the memories to rot

What I wish to be

alone as which I am

what alone I am

to view I am not

for the life I desire

who I would be

is who I am not

I could be much

skills to hone

worlds to change

but as I am seen

That I am not

-Jonathan Lewis