I Am Not One of the Good Ones
I wrote this on August 23, 2016, for my Facebook friends. It is still true, and needs a larger audience. Don't be one of the "good ones". 

I am not "one of the good ones". I am the one who will point it out when what you are doing is making someone uncomfortable and ask you to stop.

If you don't, I'll insist you stop. If you still don't, I will use whatever authority is available to me to make you stop.

You won't bully anyone on my watch without being challenged.

You won't insist "it was just a joke" without me pointing out that the contexts of jokes matter.

You won't say "but they never said anything" without me detailing the fifty million non-verbal cues of discomfort and unhappiness you've been privileged to ignore.

You won't use code words like "special snowflake" and "sensitive" and "PC" without me pointing out that what you're really insisting on is your right to be an asshole.

I'm the one who is both able and willing to flip the switch, reverse the language code and punch UP and UP and UP until you finally *get* how much pain you're causing.

I am the one you can't silence by calling bitch, or cunt, or ugly, or asshole. Honey, I am proud of being a bitch. "Bitch" is what they call you when they can't answer your argument. "Bitch" is what they call you when you stand up to them and *they* start feeling uncomfortable. "Bitch" is what they call you when you hold them accountable.

I am not "one of the good ones". I'm old, I'm smart, and I'm an asshole who works for the people that *you* don't want speaking up. And I don't ever give up.