I am pleased to announce the official release of my newest Tickle Torture Fetish Book
Oh happy day! I did it! Yes, it's time to rejoice and get ready to hold on to yourself as you indulge in my previously announced new Tickle Torture Fetish Short Story Anthology. 

I have just finished releasing for purchase in print via my Lulu.com Bookstore. 

You can purchase the Print Edition for $12.99 plus S&H via this direct link: 


For those of you who prefer the digital Amazon Kindle Version don't despair, you will get your opportunity to purchase this Book very soon. 

I have already set the wheels in motion and am just waiting for the approval process to complete... see....

It should be available no later then Wednesday August 30th for your reading pleasure. Simply visit your Amazon and type in the name of the Book.

For now so here is the Kindle Description you will find once it is live: 

Evil female tickle Mavens and wicked Tickle Torture Queen torment you, dear male reader, into helpless laughter and desperate mindlessness as you go from Initiate to owned devotee in the following 9 Tickle Torture Fetish Short Stories  Of course a couple of female ticklee's have to join you in enduring the nefarious designs of the diabolical Priestess of timeless Tickle Torture Goddess Bella Donna in two of the tales. 

Get ready for an uproariously hot time which will make you quiver with laughter and more. 

"Welcome to Goddess Bella Donna's Tickle Torture Cult"

 is an anthology of 9 original stand alone  tickle torture fetish stories intented for a mature audience, tied together with wickedly fun intermission narratives to keep the laughter inducing terror going and to lead you, dear reader, to the climatic finish. 

You will find the following Short Stories within these pages: 


Welcome to the Cult of Goddess Bella Donna, initiate! 

The Huntress and the prey. 

The Bathhouse of infinite laughter. 

Trial at the great Tickle Torture Inquisition 

No torment is as great as crushed hope. 

The Tickle Torture Graveyard. 

The Feasting Hall. 

Aboard the “jolly” Roger. 

The Temple Hall of the great Tickle Torture Goddess.

Plus of course the various Intermissions which round these wicked Tales off perfectly. 

.... end description! 

What happens next? Well next I am going to finish working on my Giantess Fetish Short Story Anthology and release it hopefully as planned by September 10th to 15th. 

I am also working on audio recording each of the 9 Tickle Torture Fetish Short Stories above and release them in MP3 format via my Clips4Sale Studio https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/97505/erotic-audios-by-goddess-bella-donn as soon as possible for those among you who'd rather sit back "hands free" and listen to me read my stories to you. 

I have already announced 2 new tickle fetish books in the "Final word by Goddess Bella Donna" for 2018 which you'll be able to see for yourself once you have purchased either version of the book. 

Thank you again for your Patronage and I hope you'll continue to be a supportive fan via your pledges for me, so I can spend more time writing and delighting you with my wicked fetish tales.