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I am Setsuna: A Poignant Reminder String Cover - TeraCMusic
I'm tireddddd but here is my newest cover! I really hope you guys like this one... I made it a challenge to spend no more than 15 hours on the audio (instead of my usual 25-30) and I succeeded! I am also super proud that I got this done early enough so you can enjoy the early access. Next time, I will try to get the video uploaded a full day in advance so more of you can watch it before it is released publicly :) 

I have somehow run out of orange construction paper for the Patreon cutouts, so I need to get more tomorrow (sorry, Aarron! I will get yours up there for the next one, I promise~). The fact that I even ran out is astounding to me. You are all incredible <3 Til next time!