I Animated The Animerica Season 3 Intro

Animerica is one of the several anime-focused review shows that is part of Channel Awesome, the company behind the Nostalgia Critic, so it was through them that I got to animate the Season 3 animated intro that starts at 9:06. The actual review of the movie Redline starts a 20:00 if you wanna skip the story. 


This has by far been one of my biggest freelance projects in recent years and it's been a long wait to finally see it online. It's also my return to the anime style of animation since leaving Animation Collective in 2008! I'll be willing to answer questions if you have any. You will not be able to understand what's going on in this intro if you're not familiar with what has happened in the past 2 seasons, but the Animerica FB group and I might clear them up. Enjoy!

Support the producers through their site http://www.animericashow.com !

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