Since i've been getting some more pledges as of late (again, thank you all so much!) I feel it best I should post an "update" of sorts to get things back up to speed.

Firstly, work over the past month or so has been at a far slower pace than i'd like - apart from adding new content to the Tech Additions mod there hasn't been a lot going on in general due to me trying to fight off depression, as well as inconvenient injuries getting in the way - lack of a chair to sit in when working has caused me to injure my back, in addition to shattering one of my teeth fairly recently. Above all this depression has been clouding my mind rather heavily as of late. I don't consider these really valid excuses for my lack of output of course, and I fully intend to get things back on track as soon as I can. My back is recovering and I intend to get my tooth fixed ASAP, though of course depression is a lifelong fight that gets the better of me sometimes, I just need to overpower it and take things back.

As always, I do have plans and ideas all the time I intend to carry out - as of lately i've been on something of a sweep of my old mods, going back and adding new content to them by applying new skills i've picked up from developing my newer mods. As of the time of writing, i'm going back and updating my Crystal Planets mod to add some new items, monsters, and hopefully get some minidungeons and other good stuff in there. I then intend to do the same with Radioactive Planets and Magnetic Planets.