I Can See For Miles And Miles
Getting my bookkeeping apps in order for the new year; this graphic is from MileIQ, which I use to calculate travel for taxes. Imua and I trekked 37,166 business miles. The dollar estimate in the top right-hand corner is the potential return for gas and maintenance. Though $18,956 in tax refunds would be splendid (it’s never anywhere near that much) here’s how the actual numbers look:<br><br>Fuel cost for the year: $9,938.68 <br>Tires (7): $1,745.88<br>Oil changes: $429.22<br>March repairs and maintenance (coach batteries, entry windows sealed, new hatch locks, repair stove burners, fuel filter): $921.72<br>April repairs (valve replacement) $3,141.75<br>May repairs (step motor, wiper arm): $346.05<br>June repair (generator): $122<br>July repair (generator carburetor): $882.10<br>August repair (spark plugs and number two fuel injector): $889.80<br><br>Total repair and maintenance costs: $8,478.52<br>add fuel: $18,417.20<br><br>The app does a pretty good job!<br><br>Ah, forgot to figure in propane: $416.09<br>camping fees: $827.73<br><br>So, just shy of $20,000 to keep Imua go-go-going in 2017. It was her sophomore year on the Bing tour, and she was still blowing out a lot of gunk from her time at El Monte. She’s purring like a kitten now, so I think we’ll have a year that’s not quite as expensive. Plus she has a new engine, should count for something, right?