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I Can't Get Next to You A Cappella Arrangement
February was a busy month of preparation for the spring concert at my school. The concert occurred on March 12th, and after taking a much-needed break, I am back at arranging and composing. That's a good thing, because I have a number of arrangement commissions that have come in over the past week! This arrangement is a classic Motown tune that was commissioned by a Sweet Adelines quartet from the Pittsburgh area. The midi file did something strange at the beginning - I used rhythmic notation to create some claps on 2 and 4 for all four singers in the first 8 measures, which translated into that weird sub-bass echoing sound. The claps on 2 and 4 sound like repeated C5's on this midi. I'm putting the finishing touches on another arrangement today and should be posting that one as well. As always, thank you to my Patrons for supporting my efforts.
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