I could not narrow it down to 3, so I picked 4.
The band recorded the basic tracks for 11 songs, and I have gone back and recorded the guitar, keyboard and vocal parts for most of the songs. However, recently, I took a step back and realized that I want to give a great overview of where the band is now and release an EP.

At the top of the page I wrote Pick 3 and wrote out the names of the songs. Along the left I put an up arrow for faster songs and down for slower songs. I Xed out the three songs you have heard as demos (since they are not new).

I'm excited to be finishing the tracks for "Stand Up" as our first single from the EP. "9000 RPM" is going to knock your socks off. "It's All Happening" is getting really funky, akin to INXS with sharp guitars and horns. And we needed to focus on a slow song, and the little song that keeps making people say "Wow" is "Maybe We Need Some More."

We hope you will love this more intimate and intense format for our next release. Let us know what you think with comments below. I want to thank you for selecting a tier to help us make each song the best it can be. Once you select a tier, you will have access to the Patron only posts with audio and video files and more in depth insights into our process of creating new songs from their inception to the final recording.