I decided on my first short story
(Warning: Long rambly post. You can skip to the end for a summary.)

I thought long and hard about the first story I should post, or what genre I should begin with. The last work I published was back in 2013 a sci-fi post-apocalyptic novella, which I intended to turn into a series (still do, but it's been pushed back a little more). I decided to tell a story about an old character I've had for years. 

When I first began writing, I wrote a lot of stories with strong female-centric action characters, who were all very serious or use extremely dry humor when joking around. The stories were influenced by a lot of anime I watched at the time, which were equally as serious. I realized quickly how boring it was to continuously read flat characters and wanted to break that monotony with someone light-hearted.

 Early on, I decided to use the classic trope the goofy sidekick to inject some humor and thought about what is the most ridiculous character I could make that would fit into a fantasy setting dominated by magic, thus the birth of Bun-Bun the toy rabbit who married a Spork.

Bun-Bun became a constant for a long time, working his way into every piece I wrote whether I wanted him in there or not. With each story I gave to friends or proofreaders, Bun-Bun reminded the favorite for a lot of people, simply because of how bizarre he was. He was very exuberant and managed to break a serious flow with ease or kept from bringing the story to an ugly halt.

I became fascinated with people's reaction to Bun-Bun, who I thought was just a cliché. Just one more goofy sidekick, but I was assured by many that Bun-Bun was more than that. Soon questions about his origins started coming in and I again thought to use another cliché, the goofy sidekick with a dark past.

Bun-Bun has gone through several iterations over the years as I continued to learn how to build characters. His origins have changed many times, but I've finally settled on one that I really enjoy. This short story series will also help to set a foundation for later works I plan to write that are set within the same world.

For those of you who skipped to the end:

So, the first few stories are the origins of a goofy sidekick, The toy rabbit Bun-Bun. His story will give an introduction to a set of characters who will play much bigger parts in future works. I might even add an epilogue to this tiny series on how he came to marry a spork.