I deeply desire change, I am listening. But I'm still...white.
Heated, triggered, charged.  

I deeply desire change, I am listening. But I'm still...white.  The extent of my ignorance goes beyond what my white privilege can possibly comprehend.  

I can't change my skin color.  But what would happen if I simply...stayed?  No pushing, no trying too hard.  If I just authentically stayed.

I made the choice to stay. The friend to whom I wrote this song also chose not to walk away.  We spoke truth, we created art, we shared our passions and our vulnerabilities.  We saw each others' heart.  The world of separation we're both experiencing because of our skin color didn't change overnight.  But I learned that freedom can sound like new friends sitting under blankets by candlelight, stirring tea with a simple spoon. 

And it felt to us like a start. 

Here's to love. 


"Here's to Love"

Music and Lyrics by Emily Potter

I almost lost you, my friend

because of the colors of our skin

I am earth, you are wind

We'd never understand where we've been

I almost walked away that day

afraid of you

Then your eyes intertwined with mine

from across the room

And I stayed

And you stayed

I leaned in

You whispered to me

Here's to love

Here's to love

Walls wore thin

with every sip of tea

Here's to love

Here's to love

Our candle swelled its light through the night

Veils fell from my eyes

Sunrise heard us say I love you

Before we said goodbye

You said, look how beautiful the world can be

I said, the only way for change starts with me

If not you


Walls crashed down

When you whispered to me

Here's to love

Here's to love

Freedom sounds

like friends stirring tea

Here's to love

Here's to love

Here's to love

Here's to love

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