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I DIED. dead.
Considering this is usually a page that relates to my mystical, unknown variety of illnesses, let me just start by saying that I am (technically speaking) not currently dead or dying. Heart palpitations certainly occurred, but not in relation to any of my usual symptoms. 

Here's what went down: TAYLOR SWIFT, queen of the music industry and lets be honest, the whole entire world, just followed me on twitter. ME!? Little old me! She follows only 220 people, and I'm one of them!! Commence premature ventricular contractions.

This happened during a particularly fangirl moment during which I was trying to purchase pre-sale 1989 World Tour tickets. The struggle was real; tickets were scheduled to go on sale at 10am local time. My friend and I had our fingers poised above the "get tickets" button from 9:30, but 10am came and went and nothing happened. After logging in and out, using all social medias possible to suss it out with other Australian Swifties to make sure it wasn't just my rubbish luck with technology (it wasn't), contacting Ticketek and finally logging in and out again: WE DID IT.  X2 VIP 2 tickets at front stage seating on December 10!! SO CLOSE WE COULD TOUCH HER.  R.I.P to my bank account. Considering I dont even have a roof over my head at the moment, those golden tickets could have supplied me with meds, rent and food for months. But this is an investment I'm more than okay with. Sometimes, a girls gotta make sacrifices.

...And at some point amidst all this chaos, she started lurking me!? Pwooaahhh, this morning was unreal. Its possibly the most alive i've been for three months.

I feel (and sound) like an insane 13 year-old drama queen, I know. But honestly, this is a woman who gives everything to her fans. I don't know Taylor personally, but the greatest thing about her is that she makes you feel worthy. She has this ability to connect with you through her music, to make you feel like she's your best friend. No matter what your story is, she listens. She makes you feel included and worthwhile. She doesn't take anything for granted and she shares her stories. I'm in awe of the life she has made for herself through persistence and handwork; she took something she believed in and broke through the glass ceiling. We couldn't ask for a more humble or deserving role model. 

I recently signed up to the Taylor Connect page (H8rz gon h8) and have made so many connections with her fans around the globe, some of whom I might even meet at the concert later this year! It's pretty incredible to see the lengths that people will go to for her, not to mention amusing and motivating! She changes lives every second of every day, without even knowing it.

My best friend, Nicole threw me a surprise 21st party earlier this year and attempted to get Taylor to personally wish me happy birthday. I was blown away! Blogs were written and shared, photos were leaked and songs were learned, all without me having any idea. We even performed a cover of blank space and style on the night. Unfortunately, none of it got trending in time. T-Swift is a busy woman, she can't be everywhere.

But we won't give up! I'm warning you now; things are about to get a little bit crazy. 

Next year, we'll be feelin' 22 and we're still hoping for a bit of birthday lovin'. We're already planning the event, which will be set at my Aunties country house that features a pool set into the edge of a hillside that glows golden in the evenings. We'll all frolic around in cute bikinis, sun-bake on blow-up swans, and of course eat breakfast at midnight. Karaoke will probably be a main event too. That is itself, its enough to be content with. 

But just incase...on the very rare chance that she might actually read this: 

Dear Taylor Alison Swift. I cordially invite you to be my personal guest on 26/02/16, in honour of my 22nd birthday. Fly in on a helicopter if you must: to have you present in your wonderful human form, and not just booming through the speakers, would be the greatest gift of all time. Please bring a batch of your famous cookies, a bathing suit, and an acoustic guitar with which to serenade us. 

If you can't make it, I would love love love even just a teeny five second video of your lovely face or even your cats? Or perhaps some of your cool merch? ANYTHING. Anything at all, will be so appreciated. Please and thank you! 

....And if you can't do any of this, no hard feelings. I'll still spend my kidney money on your next album!

P.s. I'll hand you a hand made invitation at the show in December.

With love,



FYI- I am so far from planning my funeral it's insane, sorry Graham Norton. This is my time to shine and embrace the glorious mess of the world we live in...with a little bit of help from a particular 5'10'' beauty. 

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