I Disappeared but now we're back
Hey guys, I have to sincerely apologize. A better person than I would have told you after the first month of crazy-hectic musician life to unsubscribe and stop basically giving me free money, but it totally slipped my mind and here I am now apologizing for being a jerk and not giving anything back to the people that so unselfishly donated more than just their time and patience to me in the last few months. Here is my best explanation and I hope you can all find it in your hearts to forgive me. 


So Taylor and I decided, for this EP/Tour we are going to do it right and enlist the help of a PR team to take this project to the next level. Not just any PR team, we figured we'd aim high and gained the help of the most legendary PR guy of all time (literally hundreds of magazines and musicians like oh I don't know FLEETWOOD MAC, OZZY OSBOURNE, ROUGH TRADE, AND THE MAHONES have said so). As you can imagine, this was very time consuming and expensive. Gathering materials and funds to make sure we could pay Eric and give him as much to work with as possible this meant...


Yes. For the last little while Taylor and I have been performing as a duo exclusively, but some people still didn't get what we were doing, if I was just some hired gun, what is a gorgeous woman doing next to a chubby lumberjack looking guy as her guitarist? So we borrowed a page from Gary V's book and set out to be as honest and forward as we could. We're wearing our gross, mushy, relationship on our sleeves and we don't care who knows. After all, we want people to stick with us forever and wearing a mask and being fake won't do that. You're a part of our family now. Every month that money gets put towards groceries, the gas in my car, the food in the dog bowl, etc. RE-branding the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website and FINALLY THIS PATREON, are no small task and have taken months to finally get right 


I made a name for myself in the local Kingston scene as the guy who pretty much played everywhere. Near the end of my time as a solo guy you couldn't walk downtown Kingston without seeing my name SOMEWHERE on a poster. People's drunken nights and good times were synonymous with my funky cover of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" and I loved it, but now I hate it, it's lonely up there by myself and so I retired (all but the Mansion shows). This meant, to pick up where I left off but as a duo wasn't the easiest thing in the world. Despite Taylor having done WAY more than I possibly ever could as an artist when ever I tried to book shows I was met with the same skeptical emails of "I don't know, I've never heard of yas" and that threw me off, but I knew this duo business was going to be harder than I thought. So I booked us in everywhere. Small towns with only one pub, competitive music scenes across Ontario, the East coast, I even booked us on a train!


I should have been up front with you guys that I was going to take some time off posting videos, it has been like three months and I'm just thankful that my inbox wasn't filled with WTF's and death threats (lol!) but I definitely made a mistake by not telling you guys to at least put your pledges on pause and for that what I deserve is for everyone to go click the "delete pledge" button. Before you do that, know that we are back for good, this is no longer a side hustle I can put on hold, this has the name Taylor Angus attached to it now and that comes with far more responsibility than anyone could ever imagine. If I let one outlet down, they all fall together. So keep it locked, my wifey will keep me in line and will be contributing to this space as well! We'll be doing a huge overhaul with WAY cooler prizes (because she's a genius and a graphic design powerhouse) and I promise it will be worth your while to stay and be patient! 

Above all else, I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart, without getting too sappy I am literally nothing without you guys. You're my oxygen. Your feedback and support is crucial. If I could give you guys a hug and a high five I would, but right now I'm in track pants and a hoodie, and you don't need to see this...

Keep being awesome, and stay tuned

Taylor & Logan