i done goof i was terribly busy and draind since being sick and .. well forgetting to make a rant video this week. or well i did say i wasnt gonna make one (in the YT video disciption) sooooo yeah, i am however slightly working on making an offical Patreon video. why? becouse for one the last oen i did was- well shit -3- so i thougth it be best i make a better one.  which should be up for next week.

so just so you all know i been trying to work on some other thinsg just to get out of an art block and work on Cms. i will hoepfully shortly get back to making stuff here that will hopefully exiet you.

but there is about above 24 hours left before satuer day. so i suppose if i can kick myself in the gut and make something stupid for YT that be a huge surpise woulndt it? XD 

anyways just wanted to let you all know in case no one could see it in the disciption. me sorry ;_; hope you all have a good one!

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