I (don't) Get Reviews
One of the challenges I have in promoting the Marketplace books is the lack of reviews for them. Reviews give a reason to toss out links and shares, host giveaways and readings, all the usual book promotion tools. There are usually a few websites and an occasional print vehicle for reviews at any given time, but not many. And the few that do are usually swamped with books now - the Marketplace competing with the latest erotic poly were-lion/ angel MFMM BBW time-traveling steampunk novel. 

So hot right now. 


Add to that the rise of erotic romance/ romantica - whatever you call a sexually explicit romance novel. This is a serious problem for me because my books are not romances.

A romance is a strictly defined category with certain expectations. It will be about one central relationship. There will be challenges to the success of that relationship, but in the end, they will be happy forever, or happy for now. (There are other rules as well, fascinating and sad rules, depending on the publisher and how much they adhere to them. Like, for example, how when a primary M/F couple separate by plot device, the female character is not supposed to ever have sex with anyone else. Only the male can.)

Thanks, patriarchy. 

Anyhoo, the Marketplace books feature an ensemble cast that doesn't appear in every book, there is no central relationship unit, and fuck the rules of romance books anyway. I'm here asking for your hard-earned money so I don't have to write my own knock off of 50 Shades of Cyberpunk FFMFQQIA Alien/ Hellspawn Military Romance.

Soon to be at your favorite e-book vendor website.

So when a romantica reviewer picks up one of MY books, they tend to review them with horror.  "This is edgy stuff, might be too much for people who aren't into hard S&M," went a review to the most tame BDSM book I ever wrote, The Catalyst. (Reissued under the name Cinema Erotica, I have reclaimed the copyright and need to find someone to make me som e-books so I can sell it again.) The Catalyst is a collection of stories about people trying kinky sex for the first time. It is hardly "hard" or "edgy." I call it my pediatric BDSM collection.

Imagine what that reviewer would say about the MP books! 

So when I do find reviews, I try to spread them around. 

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