Exclusive to our $5/m supporters. It's the highly anticipated new episode of "I don't quite know" featuring Jeff Cannata!
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You're special, you know that? Seriously... for reals!

You so are, and special peoples deserve special things, so how about you get access to a whole new podcast series that's exclusive to Patreon backers at this level?!

It's called "I don't quite know" and in it we'll be chatting to different people across the interwebs that you've probably heard of before about things you may not know them for!

Our pilot episode (that anyone can listen to) is with Stephanie "Hex" Bendixson of Good Game & Screenplay fame where we chat about the anxiety of content creation online. Check it out before you commit, I think you'll love it!

You'll also get everything from the other tiers like TWTW delivered earlier and other goodies.

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